Charles Kaufman art and paintings
"Woman with Flowers"
by Charles Kaufman

60 x 90 cm / 
23.6 x 35.4 inches

Thick acrylic paints on canvas.

"A New Dress" Figurative art by Charles Kaufman
Also available as a canvas print. Same size as the original painting.
Order it at the Charles Kaufman Art Store.

Printed by Charles Kaufman in his art studio.

The painting is signed and dated lower bottom right.

The back of the stretched canvas is hand signed, dated and titled by the artist.

Is the original painting still available?
Please contact Charles Kaufman.

Detail Views of the painting: Click to see each larger. Art and Paintings by Charles Kaufman- Note the brushstrokes and blending of the paints in these close-up, detail views.
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